Best Job in the World!

After being called something particularly uncomplimentary by a mother-of-the bride, who didn’t “get” my sense of humour at a rehearsal this afternoon, I went into a deep gloom for a few hours.  I am very thankful for a goodly number of Facebook friends who responded rapidly and affirmingly when I made comment on this event on fb.

In particular, a Facebook friend shared “100 Rules for Reverends” from the blog of Jeremy Fletcher ( ), and much of what Jeremy says has renewed my sense of purpose and value.

Two “Rules”, in particular, hit the right spot:

#20. No other role gets you involved in the highest and lowest points of people’s lives, especially not all in the same afternoon.


#30. Who else can pronounce a blessing on people and say it’s work?

I am often reminded of how precious it is that people allow me into their lives and hearts and homes in times of both pain and joy.  Hence the heading of this, my first post.  I am privileged – even though not everyone likes my sense of humour!


I hope to post here from time to time, probably telling some of the stories of things which have happened to me – or to which I have happened! – in almost 29 years, so far, of ordained ministry.  Maybe, just maybe, someone will be amused, cheered or even inspired.  Who knows?


Finally, for now, I really like Jeremy’s Rule #54. “You drink more Communion wine than anyone else. You owe it to yourself to make it decent.”  Colleagues, read mark learn and inwardly digest!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Best Job in the World!

  1. Rule 54 is good! Where I am it’s fine but I’ve tasted some shockers. Don’t let me start on the ribena or similar. Fine in their place but many don’t seem to recognise that place.

    Welcome to the world of blogging.


  2. i like rule #54, one aproach to rile 54 is to find a local winery owner, ge tthem to be a parissioner and then quietly suggest they make their anual giving to the Church communion wine. 9just make sure you have samples their offering first to make sure they make the good stuff)


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